What could you do to improve relations with Curve Lake FN?
Allowing us to share knowledge and information while collaborating on initiatives and projects to give us all a stronger voice and funding opportunities.
Continue working with CEDI Community Economic Development Initiative which fosters First Nations and neighboring municipalities in creating a shared vision for joint economic development and emergency preparedness

What is your plan for AFFORDABLE HOUSING?
This is an issue that needs to be addressed on a federal and provincial level which at the municipal level we can lobby them for.
Make it easier for developers to cut through red tape in order to build
Locally we need to work with Habitat for Humanity or private sector projects like Abbeyfield’s new residence for 16 seniors
Together we will need to seek out other creative solutions which could include
Basement apartments or secondary

 What will you do for TRANSPORTATION in our community?
The Community Plan includes widening Ward St. in Bridgenorth to 3-Lanes. Once completed will allow the green-ification of it as well
The “LINK” bus route services our area which can be expanded if a use/demand assessment warrants.
The long-term plan includes a 2nd Bridge in Lakefield which is a County project
Add to our current trails for bike and foot traffic. The much discussed Lakefield South development already allows public access to its trails which will be maintained throughout and after the projects completion

#1 Priority would be to keep our tax rates the lowest in the county, readily attainable through fiscal management.
#2 Continue to maintain our infrastructure and assets with cost effective environmental upgrades and retrofits.
#3 Attract small to medium sized businesses to invest in our community to create stable year round employment opportunities that will support and sustain our local economy with less reliance on tourism
#4 Advocate for affordable housing and ensure environmental issues are addressed on future housing developments which will see increased growth for our region requiring our emergency services to be adequately staffed and supported.

How will you address SHORT TERM RENTALS?
Brings business to our area and supports tourism
Allows cottage owners to create revenues to offset the cost of second home ownership when they are vacant
Creates maintenance employment opportunities

Bylaw violations and complaints are currently managed by Selwyn with an implemented escalating fine for repeat offenders
–     1st Offence warning
–     2nd Offence $250.00 Fine
–     3rd Offence $500 Fine which continuously doubles hereafter i.e. $1000.00, $2000.00
There are considerations at council now for adding permits and taxes to short –term rentals

What is happening with PARKS AND RECREATION?
Healthy active communities are at the forefront of many communities
Maintaining and resurfacing our tennis, pickle ball and basketball courts
A bike/walk/ hike trail is being created connecting Smith to Peterborough

How would you improve the BUILDING AND PLANNING process?
Selwyn has revamped how we do business making most of it accessible through its online portal.
This sees fewer trips to the township office, increased efficiency, and speeds up the process.
The implementation of a Mandatory Pre-Consultation Meeting(s) have helped eliminate surprises to those who are not familiar with the Building / planning department.

What do you intend for bringing Natural Gas, High Speed Internet etc… to the area?
My understanding here is that Enbridge, Bell, Rogers etc.  are publicly traded companies which has a distribution network across North America. Like other businesses that require a network of infrastructure and they choose to expand it then they can do so within the regulations that they are to uphold. That said I do not support big business being subsidized by municipal tax dollars.

Frankly I like the way Selwyn is today and do not want to see it change at all. It’s the reason I chose to live here and raise a family while engaging with our community. Change is inevitable and it’s here knocking on our doors. Whether it is climate, socio-economic, development, tourism etc… It is here and has been creeping its way into our lives. As a community we have a lot of work ahead of us to come together and mitigate these changes as we navigate the issues of today while creating the future it for our children and theirs as well.

Approved by Brian Henry Campaign