We are happy to announce that back again for 2018 The Spice Co. is running its monthly online

“Win a #SpicySix Contest”

To enter The Spice Co. Inc. “Win a #SpicySix Contest” all you have to do is…

(1.) “Like” us on Facebook – @TheSpiceCo


“Follow” us on Instagram – The Spice Co. @thespicecompany


“Follow” us on Twitter – @TheSpiceCo1

(2.) Submit a photo, video and or recipe using The Spice Co. Inc.’s products with the #hashtag “#SpicySix”. Submissions can be made in any of the following formats jpeg, png, pdf, mp4, word or other similar formats. Submissions are made by mentioning/tagging “The Spice Co.” in your social media post and using the hashtag #SpicySix via

any of The Spice Co. Inc.’s social media platform’s and/or associated app’s messaging system(s), email to [email protected], mailed to “Win a #SpicySix Contest”, c/o The Spice Co. Inc., 2511 15th Line, Selwyn, Ontario, Canada K0L 2H0, or text messaged to 705.875.0428

You may enter as many times as you wish throughout the contest period.

All submissions entered are eligible to win in all twelve (12) of our “Win a #SpicySix Contest” draws.

Click here to view the extended version and fine print of the “Win a #SpicySix Contest”  “Rules and Regulations”