Our Future

I like the way Selwyn is today and like many do not want to see it change. It’s the reason I chose to live here and raise a family while engaging with our community. Whether it is climate, socio-economic, development, tourism etc. As a community we have a lot of work ahead of us to come together and integrate these changes as we navigate the issues of today while creating the future it for our children and theirs as well.


The future municipal council will need to serve its community as previous councils have with continued diligence for ongoing and future initiatives while supporting Township employees who are our frontline representatives and are ultimately tasked to implement and execute.

Prioritize keeping our tax rates the lowest in the county through fiscal management. Maintain our  infrastructure and assets with environmental upgrades and retrofits.

Attract small to medium sized businesses to invest in our community to create stable year-round employment opportunities that will support and sustain our local economy.

Advocate for affordable housing and ensure environmental issues are addressed on future housing developments requiring our emergency services to be adequately staffed and supported.


Henry grew up in the Muskoka region, after spending time travelling and working abroad, finally settling in Smith 20 years ago and starting a family with his wife Geri-lynn, he pursued certifications in Business Management, Emergency and Incident Management, Disaster Management, Climate Change & amp,   Environmental Management, Agriculture & Food Security, Management, Nutrition, Food Production from a variety of institutions like MTCU, Harvard & Cornell University and the Humanitarian Academy. He owns the Angle Iron Kitchen in Lakefield and has served the community via Lakefield Ice Sculpting Competition, Member of Peterborough & the Kawarthas Chamber of Commerce and it’s Policy Committee, Kawartha Choice Farm Fresh Committee, fundraised for the Buckhorn Regional Health Center and projects for the Buckhorn Community Center.

Curve Lake First Nation

Time to revive the Tri-Council Meetings between Curve Lake, Trent Lakes and Selwyn. Collaboration on initiatives and projects will give us all a stronger voice and funding opportunities.

By working with CEDI Community Economic Development Initiative supports First Nations and neighboring municipalities in creating a shared vision for joint economic development and emergency preparedness.

Being an elected official is not easy as it appears to be a job that everyone knows how to do but no one steps forward to do. If elected I know that I will not always be liked but I will earn your respect.

Voting packages will be mailed with a secret PIN. Vote on-line
or by phone from October 11 to October 24, 2022.
Contact: 705-875-0428;  [email protected]