“Seriously we just want you to play with your food and have fun while becoming a better cook…”

Kick Ass Cajun & Coffee Encrusted Salmon

Coffee is believed to have been discovered by Kaldi; an Ethiopian goat herder who observed his goats eating red berries from shrubs. Kaldi tried the berries himself and found that he was energetic and alert for an extended period of time. It was around this same time...

Curried Cauliflower Curd

Cauliflower is a variety of the common cabbage that has begun to produce flower buds but stops growing and never produces a flower. This occurrence of the plant to stop growing at the bud stage was first observed in the 17th century and was considered an oddity until...

Sweet Autumn Kale Salad

Sweet Autumn Kale Salad The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates promoted the idea of eating salad at the beginning of our meals as he believed that eating raw vegetables was a healthier way to eat and if people ingested an assortment of raw vegetables before consuming...


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