Are you, or is someone you know, a right-handed home chef or working as a cook or chef??
Researchers at Trent University are interested in how people who cook a lot (either at home or at work) perform on a knife skills task when various modifications are introduced. This is a study on motor performance and memory, and will help us to better understand the connection between the brain and body.

Anastasia Nepotiuk is a Master’s student working at Trent University on a project involving knife skill expertise. Specifically, Anastasia is looking at how we store motor memories for a skill, like vegetable chopping, and how that storage changes the more we practice.

I am looking for right-handed people who are experts and competent with knives to come in and participate in a half-hour experiment at Trent University. The experiment involves doing a bit of sweet potato chopping while your right arm is connected to several motion trackers.

Participants will receive financial compensation ($20 for a 30min experiment) for their time,

and get to learn about the research process!

We can also provide you with a temporary parking pass if needed.

. The study runs now through February, and can work around most people’s schedules.,

If you or someone you know has any questions or is interested in participating in this interesting research opportunity,

please contact

Anastasia Nepotiuk